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Citizen Bank was established in the year of 1828, it is called as a High Street Bank in Providence, Rhode Island, and it is a 8th largest commercial bank holing company in around United states. We are working for non profit for helping the people and students via financial support during its study.

At Citizens Bank, we understand that a good education can be one of the best investments you'll ever make. That's why we offer Medical students a wide array of education financing solutions to help make it possible. In fact, we have a variety of affordable programs with repayment incentives designed to save you money along with our FREE Graduate Student Guide, which counsels adult students on smart borrowing choices.

  • The Citizens Bank Undergraduate Loan, sponsored by Citizens Bank and The Education Resource Institute, is available to help finance the cost of your education, from as little as $500 up to the total cost of education minus any financial aid.

  • This is the best company, which offers you non stop customer services to reply of your questions. The company is always ready to replay and help. I have experienced and believe. I fully trust on this company. That's it!!!

  • The people in The Citizens Bank are remaining very friendly and helpful. If Citizens management hadn't broken the promises they made then I would rate them higher.

  • I was surprised to receive so much personal attention from Citizens Bank; it was almost as if they were eager to save my money. The people I talk with were helpful and they were able to save me $25,250 off of the total loan cost. Thank you very much for all my help.

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